Our Teams

Eye of the Storm

Cheer4All aggressively attacked objectives by first sponsoring a competitive allstar cheerleading team of cheer ability (f/k/a special needs) athletes – Eye of The Storm. These athletes are not only an inspiration; they are also a driving force for the entire Maryland Twisters’ organization and loved by all who watch them perform their unique and challenging routine.

Eye of the Storm is our advanced competitive allstar cheerleading travel team. ¬†Consisting of a diverse set of athletes who have various disabilities (all over the age of 12), “Eye” has won several national championships, including:

  • Battle at the Capitol (Washington, D.C. area)
  • NCA (Dallas, TX)
  • Cheersport (Atlanta, GA)

Eye has also been awarded bids to perform at The Cheerleading Worlds, where the best of the best from around the world compete for titles; there are only several of these bids awarded to special needs teams from all over the United States.  In 2018, Eye placed 2nd out of 5 teams (25 teams submitted to perform an exhibition routine and only the top 5 were chosen to perform).

Most recently, Eye was been chosen to represent the United States of America at the 2018 ICU World Cheerleading Championships in Orlando, Florida in April, 2018 where they won the Silver medal.¬† They were, proudly, the inaugural “cheer abilities” National Team, competing against other cheer abilities teams from around the world.

Storm Chasers

In order to maintain the current goals and aspire to new ones, Cheer4All recognized the need for a second special athletes team – Storm Chasers.

Storm Chasers is our non-travel team; they have a less demanding practice and workout schedule and also compete at local venues. Storm Chasers consists of athletes with special needs of all ages and abilities.

For many of our Storm Chaser athletes, participating in allstar cheerleading is their first opportunity to experience an elite performance sport. Also, being on a team such as this, while assistants are utilized, performing helps build confidence and independence in younger athletes. Additionally, the type of movements that are required during practices and conditioning compliment physical therapy services that many of our athletes still receive.